Basics Course

This course covers the general basics of running a parents' evening and the basics of media education. It is considered a mandatory course and the main qualification to become a MediaParent consultant. It is NOT intended to be used to conduct a parents' evening with the contents and materials taught.

The course deals with the general basics of media educational work with parents, the planning and implementation of media educational parents' evenings and teaches the basics of media education and media literacy. It gives an overview of media use behaviour in families and among children and young people and draws attention to risks and opportunities through digital media use. Furthermore, the course gives an overview of the most important laws and children's rights in relation to media and deals with different conflict situations that can occur during a parents' evening and their solution strategies. Finally, the course presents the most common questions parents ask about media education and gives possible suggestions for answers.

The course is modularised and makes it possible to offer and conduct media educational parents' evenings at educational (leisure) institutions. Learning is promoted through helpful practical materials and the supportive environment on the internet. The course consists of six modules, which are accompanied throughout by tips, practical exercises and feedback questions.