Accessibility Tools

Online evaluation of learning outcomes

The MediaParents platform offers you the opportunity to evaluate your learning performance through a test.

Why should I test myself?

The test offers you the following key advantages:

  • After successful completion, you will receive a certificate to confirm the knowledge you have acquired.
  • Identifying knowledge gaps enables targeted learning and the elimination of these knowledge gaps.
  • After successfully passing, you will be listed in the dynamic MediaParents consultant map and can thus be found by interested potential clients.
  • Activation of the editable materials allows these materials to be individually adapted to your planned parents' evening.


How does the test work?

  • In order to take part in the test, you must register. So that you can receive a personal certificate after successful completion and you can be found in the dynamic map.
  • You can freely choose the test modules. It should be noted that the knowledge from the basic course is mandatory test content.
  • You have passed if you have answered at least 50% of the questions correctly.

Start testing!