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About the project

Media literacy is a key competence in a society where everyday life and the working world are significantly influenced by digitalisation. Dealing with digital media is part of everyday life for European families today, also and especially in rural areas. The relevance of the use of digital media for a child or young person and the direction in which media use develops depends significantly on the media education of parents.

Adults often mistake fast and technical operating competence for extensive media literacy. However, children and adolescents need support especially in the selection of media content as well as in processing and regulating the time of use. The aim of the project is therefore to enable parents to deal with the topic and to provide them with sufficient information. One way to support parents in their media education task is to hold parents evenings that are topic-related and institutionally detached. In this way, media pedagogical knowledge and practical handouts can be conveyed in a way that is suitable for everyday education at home and can be developed in a joint exchange.

Through international cooperation, the project develops content that enables parents and adults from different professional backgrounds, such as educational professionals, to conduct media education evenings for parents.