E&G Projekt Agentur GmbH

For more than 20 years, E&G Projekt Agentur GmbH (E&G) has been committed to sustainable regional development to secure the quality of life in the Elbe-Elster region in the south of Brandenburg, Germany in the long term. E&G has numerous experiences as a service provider in the fields of “work & employment” for the regional economy as well as for public and private institutions. For many years, the company has been involved in many interesting regional, national and international projects. At E&G, Eva-Maria Aurenz works for the MediaParents project. Eva-Maria is a project coordinator in the company and responsible for output 1 in the MediaParents project. She is also a trainer in the field of "Digital Media Education for Pedagogical Professionals", a practice-oriented offer in the field of media education especially for rural regions. The further education courses address relevant questions of media education and provide information on practical media use in day-care centres, after-school care centres, schools and child and youth welfare facilities.